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Argo-Evolution inflatable boats represent the line of high-quality premium-classed fishing boats. The gold standard for serious anglers. Choosing Argo-Evolution brand, you get a professional-grade boat that offers excellent performance, safety and versatility.

Highly reliable inflatable tubes of Argo Evo are made of innovative 1100 g/m2 Carbon style PVC fabric. For extra safety tubes consist of three chambers, each of which has an air valve and overpressure relief valve. All power seams of the tubes are welded, which ensures high strength and tightness, allows to operate boats at temperatures up to plus 45°C without any risk of deformation or seam gapping.
PVC tubes have a 3-year warranty.

Argo-Evo is featured with an inflatable keel, which is additionally strengthened by a protective tape on the outside of the bottom. A floor set is non-slippery aluminum, it protects bottom from inside from being scratched or punctured.
Special feature of Argo-Evolution series is constructive balance between strength and flexibility. Safe operation and handling due to use of durable materials on the one hand, and the most comfortable assembly/disassembly of the boat – on the other.

In addition to standard set of accessories for inflatable boats, Argo-Evo includes 6 reflective strips (3 on each side) that will keep you safe at dusk, 4 reinforced (Havy Duty) D-rings in the bow of the boat for soft storage locker.
For professional anglers the boat has 4 glued-in Scotty (Canada) bases that can be used to mount cup holder, fishfinder, chartplotter, downrigger, video camera, rod holders and other accessories. Every tool has its place.

Work conditions: from –10оС to +45о
Storage conditions: from –20оС to +60оС

Made in China.