UAB “Abekso Grupe” today is a whole world of goods for anglers and lovers of water recreation
branded as Argo Boats, Scotty, Hidea and others.
The main products offered by UAB “Abekso Grupe” today are:
– gasoline outboard motors Hidea. Today Hidea Europe presents in the EU Chinese motor manufacturer Hidea Outboards, which confidently breaks into the ranks of world leaders – manufacturers of high-quality gasoline outboard motors. Today, finally, Hidea has opened a 1100 m2 spare parts warehouse in the Netherlands, and you can say with confidence that the delivery of the ordered part to anywhere in the EU will not take more than 3 days. Hidea outboard gasoline engines are an underestimated brand today, which is gaining momentum in Europe, gradually displacing well-known world brands.
– Inflatable rubber boats, PVC boats under the Argo brand.
The Argo-Evo line is inflatable boats for Hidea gasoline outboard engines. Durable carbon-style pvc hulls, power seams – welded type, safety valves, etc., all this is a 100% guarantee of the operation of boats in the most difficult conditions. For professional anglers, Canadian company Scotty bases are pre-installed on each side, which optionally offer platforms for attaching rod holders, echo sounder/chart plotter, downrigger, video camera, cup holders, etc.
The Argo-Ego range is a PVC inflatable boat with an AMG rigid hull and electric stationary motor. The boats are designed and built in Lithuania. Ideal for use as yacht tenders, individual fishing platforms and, of course, water activities. The Argo-Ego range of boats is very popular in rental business, because the requirements in terms of maintenance are mainly reduced to injection of rolling bearings and checking the tension of the gearbox belt. Charging costs batteries are not comparable to refueling with gasoline. Huge technical resource of the engine and battery.
All inflatable boats with soft PVC and hard AMG hull offered by UAB “Abekso Grupe”, you can buy at very affordable prices, because we offer first-hand goods, which we produce ourselves or it is produced according to our technical specifications. Those the price of boats is very competitive in the EU market.
– equipment for boats. This category includes products that are components of our boats and motors. Here you can pick up parts and upgrade your boat, adding charm to it, retrofitting it to your requirements.
Every moment we work for our clients based on the main values:
– the quality of our boats and engines;
– accessible boat price;
– constructive reliability of our boats and engines

Maximum drive with argo-drive

Why buyers choose us

impeccable quality and reliability of our boats and motors

affordable price

wide range of accessories

direct manufacturer's warranty

Argo boats – born for adventure, ready for extreme

In ancient Greek mythology, the Argo is a ship on which the Argonauts set out on a dangerous journey in search of the Golden fleece. Our Argo boats will take you to the most inaccessible places of seas, rivers and lakes, into a word of amazing adventures and extraordinary trophies.

Thanks to first-class innovative technologies, each boat of the Argo line is a combination of strong hull, efficient engine, infinite number of accessories and incredible engineering solutions, multiple on ultimate test in time.

Each boat is made by hand and passes individual control in order to receive a perfect product by our client.

We are an experienced and dedicated team that ensures the highest quality of the product, creating maximum consumer demand for each boat under construction.

We will advise you on all issues