Hidea HDF9.9HS weights 43 kg and produces power of 9.9 hp. This outboard motor designed for fishing, hunting, short walks with family or a small group of friends.

HD – Hidea brand
F – Four-stroke
9.9 – Power in hp
H – Tiller control
S – Short shaft 381 mm

The portable Hidea HDF9.9HS outboard motor is lightweight, compact, and powerful making it a great choice for short or long shaft jon boats, skiffs, and small pontoons as well as auxiliary power for your sailboat. The Hidea HDF9.9HS outboard motor is a two cylinders four-stroke marine motor that delivers smooth, quiet, fuel-efficient power.

Hidea HDF9.9HS Benefits:
  • Truly six layers of paint, good corrosion resistance
  • Using the US brand PPG paint, more beautiful exterior
  • Plus timer, maintenance more convenient
  • Light and compact
  • Available in a wide variety of models
  • Greatly reduced vibration for smooth and stable running at all speeds
  • Greatly reduced induction noise for a quieter ride
  • the sacrificial anode that protects the engine from electrolysis
  • CE approved

Easy Operation and Handling:
  • Digital CDI ignition for easier engine starting, quicker throttle response and smoother trolling
  • Manual choke on tiller models, electric choke on remote models
  • Recoil starter with larger reel making manual starting fast and easy
  • Shallow water drive
  • Adjustable steering friction for reducing steering effort

Fundamentals for User Convenience and Reliability:
  • Through-the-prop exhaust for a quieter ride
  • Thermostatically controlled cooling system for consistent engine temperature
  • Stainless steel water pump housing liner for outstanding durability
  • High grade marine aluminum alloy that provides the ultimate protection against corrosion
  • Zinc coating on internal water passages for superior corrosion resistance
  • 3.1 gallon (12 liter) fuel tank with fuel gauge
  • Aluminum propeller

27:13 (2.08)






Max. rpm range


Max. output (hp/kw)

9.9 / 7.2





Displacement, cc


Bore x Stroke, mm


Weight, kg



27:13 (2.08)


Length, mm


Ignition system

Tiller control



Control system




Gear ratio

Water cooling


Capacity of external fuel tank (L)

Max fuel consumption, l/h

Height, mm


Width, mm

Transom hight, mm

Gear shift position

Cooling system

Starting system

Fuel tank


Hangzhou Hidea Power Machinery Co., Ltd.


Propeller size





Warranty, years

Dimensions of packaging, cm

Propeller material

Country of manufacture

Gross weight in packaging, kg


Aluminum propeller

Spark plug wrench

External fuel tank 12 L

Shut-off cord

Starter rope

Owner‘s manual

Propeller nut locking cotter pin

Fuel hose with pump and connectors


Gearbox drain plug gaskets


Gearbox drain plug

Aluminum propeller

Spark plug

Oil filter

Gearbox oil

Fuel filter

Motor oil

Full range of Hidea outboard motors is covered by a warranty of 3 years or 300 hours whichever comes first from the date of purchase.
Warranty does not cover defects of the product if:
— The product was purchased from unofficial Hidea dealers, who are independently liable to the consumer in accordance with Lithuanian Law;
— Untimely maintenance;
— Damage to the product is caused by force majeure (fire, earthquake, flood, etc.) or the actions of third parties;
— Violations of the rules of operation, storage and transportation of the product were committed;
— Disassembly, adjustment, repair or structural changes were made to the product without the participation of a service center representative;
— There has been wear and tear on spare parts and consumables, such as: motor or transmission oils, fuel and air filters, spark plugs and other parts with a limited service life.

The dealer has the right to cancel or limit the warranty on Hidea outboard motors in connection with making structural changes to the motor design independently or at an unofficial service center, as well as untimely application under the warranty to the service center.

In case of self-repair, spare parts can be ordered from the nearest service center or from a dealer. Addresses and locations can be found in the section Where to buy.

Some problems can be fixed on your own:

Return is accepted within 30 days of receipt after you fully explain the problems. Please allow up to 5 business days for returns to be processed. All motors must be returned in original packaging, including all accessories. Such as fuel tank assy, fuel hose with connecter, impeller assy and etc. Consumers are responsible for charges associated with shipping of returning items.